About us

Running is a passion that is growing exponentially among the regular population worldwide. It is not limited anymore to elite athletes with exceptional physiology or supernatural drive.

Every day tens of thousands of people join running clubs, at least just to try, and get hooked by the excitement of accomplishing small goals one day at the time.

UpbeatRun has been created to support the runners community by providing valuable information about running. We cover a vast array of subjects ranging from ‘resources & inspiration’ to unbiased reviews of products and services.

Our resources & inspiration section is dedicated to collect basic information for the beginner runner as well as more advance and well researched data for the seasoned athlete.

On the other hand, our reviews, comparisons and best running products are driven by an unbiased interest in providing the best analysis and recommendations of the new technologies available in the market.

Our editorial team is led by Julian Barrera and avid runner with significant experience as publisher of several independent review websites in the fitness and sports industry. 

Julian B does not claim to be a certified coach or sports professional, however All the content we publish on this site has been written or overseen by a qualified sports professional.

This site is our brain child and we aimed to put together the content required for You to become a better athlete. We wish to triumph in this mission and would love to hear your success story.

Julian B

Founder of UpbeatRun

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If you have reached to this point is because you are looking to improve your running performance.

The good news is, we have prepared everything to help you achieve that so from here you can either:

We wish you enjoyed our publications, and if you have any suggestion to make this site better, we would love to hear them!