Best Running Shoes For Overweight Women

I partnered up with my aunty to test some of the best brands and found Clifton 8 by Hoka to be the best running shoes for trails, road running, fitness, and hiking for women with extra weight.

Finding the right shoe for the right body size is key for a runner, especially for an overweight woman looking forward to shedding some extra weight. 

The best running shoes should support your arches and protection by cushioning your foot’s midsole from the ground impact. Proper shoes will protect you against injuries during workouts and give you the much-needed comfort.

6 Best Running Shoes For Overweight Women

Why Clifton 8?

Anyone can instantly recognize a Clifton 8 shoe. This shoe offers so much support, making it the best selection among other brands. 

The Clifton 8 by Hoka has a crash pad extended for ease in landing. It also has a mesh upper that aids in breathability and provides a protective cushion. Clifton 8 by Hoka has a better outsole placement made from rubber and a stiffer forefoot giving it a faster feel.

Extra weight means more stress on your ligaments, bones, and tendons (especially knees). But with Clifton 8, that should not be the case!

Clifton 8 by Hoka

Best Running Shoes For Overweight Women

“Time to fly,” Hoka’s motto, is represented well in Clifton 8 design. Its feather-light gives an almost effortless feel to each stride. Clifton 8 is slipper-like and much softer, and the forefoot is flexible.

Hoka released its first shoe in 2014, which birthed the Clifton series. The first model, Clifton 1, was such a  success that Hoka was instantly put on the running gear map. Even though Clifton 1 was a hit, Hoka’s succeeding editions are still getting better! 

With its unique Meta rocker style, Clifton 8 by Hoka has drastically changed from the original model. Clifton 8 features a crash pad at the heel that is extended for softer landings. It weighs 15% less than previous versions due to the use of the EVA foam midsole.

Hoka uses a design that snugs the foot inside the shoe. This gives support to the arch and freedom for the toes to move. Clifton 8 by Hoka is a neutral shoe for runners designed to correct running patterns. This allows foot movement as it should naturally.

The balanced cushion gives just the right cushioning. Clifton 8 by Hoka has a stack height of 5mm offset, and the heel sits at 29 mm and 24mm on the forefoot. It weighs 7.2 (215 g) for a women’s size 8.

Hoka Clifton has solid durability and can last 300 to 500 miles of running. Its technology is innovative yet classy.

Brooks Ravenna 9

best running shoes for overweight women

This is another good shoe choice for overweight women. Ravenna 9 is a responsive shoe for road runners, and it has some extra support and stability. The midsole is cushioned full length. The shoe has a medial post that adds its firmness for the best transitions from the rear to the forefoot.

It has a 10mm drop and, at the heel, a shock-absorbing crash. Ravenna 9 is extremely breathable, and the shoe has s mesh material with large perforations giving the shoe better ventilation for a sweat-free foot. The midsole is the adaptive BIOMOGO DNA with similarities with the one used in the Brooks Launch model.

Ravenna’s 9 has a seamless upper design for a smooth feel in the shoe. This reduces the possibility of blisters and irritation caused by rough seams and stitches.

The outsole of Ravenna 9 uses blown rubber material to provide durability and also delivers flexibility and a bouncier ride. The shoe has reliable traction on different paved surfaces; the grip is just right, even on slippery surfaces!

On the downside, compared to other running shoes from Brooks, Ravenna 9 is not durable, so you need to replace these shoes more frequently.

Asics Kayano Lite 2 Women’s

best running shoes for overweight women

Asics Kayano has a thick midsole that provides sufficient comfort for short and long runs, and the medium-soft flyte foam and flared heel give a stable foundation for overweight women.

Kayano lite 2 embraces sound earth. This shoe keeps your step stable due to its structure that balances key support areas for increased stability.

Altra Paradigm 4.0 Running Shoe

best running shoes for overweight women

With an Altra paradigm, you get a supportive shoe good for overweight runners. Altra shoes use a zero-drop platform whereby the forefoot and the heel are at the same distance from the ground. This improves alignment and offers enough support for landing. The shoe has a stabilipod design, and the sneaker has stability zones to help prevent collapse.

Adidas Solar Glide 4 ST Women’s

best running shoes for overweight women

The ST implies stability, and it has a cushioned midsole boost that shortens distance runs. It’s comfortable on The Feet And Has An E-TPU Boost Foam For Cushioning Loss. The shoe has a Snug And Smooth Upper Fitting.

The outsole of the Solar Glide 4 ST offers an anti-slippery sole. Adidas partnered up with tire manufacturer Continental to produce durable soles with a strong grip.

On the downside, the upper is made of a thick material and does not breathe well. We wouldn’t recommend it for warm environments or for sweaty runners.

Brooks Glycerin 19 Women’s

best running shoes for overweight women

Brooks Glycerin 19 has a single density midsole and an ortholite insole for a smooth, supportive and comfortable ride. Works for many situations, daily runs or long-distance cruising. For higher under-arch support, try Brooks Glycerin GTS 19.

The upper unit of the Glycerin 19 is made from a multi-layer mesh that molds to your feet and allows enough breathability for sweaty runs.

The foot lockdown works perfectly with the heel collar which is perfectly padded keeping your heel locked in with comfort.

What To Look For When Buying Running Shoes For Overweight Women

It’s easy to be attracted to the design or color of running shoes, but there are several key points to consider before buying just any shoe.  


Heavy women running shoes need the midsole to be cushioned. Cushioning should be smooth and supportive yet firm. Look for shoes with a secure upper fit. An interior that securely grips the foot gives overall stability.


This is the cushioning level difference from the rear foot to the forefoot. A lower drop means a speedy running style, and good speed shoes tend to have a 4mm drop.

Arch Support 

Runners who are overweight need arch support to prevent arch pain. Shoes with good shock absorption can also prevent arch pain. 

Toe Area

Toes need to spread out to prevent overheating and blisters. The back part also needs to be comfortable and shouldn’t slip as you walk or run.

FAQs – Best Running Shoes For Overweight Women

How heavy should a running shoe be?

Typically, running shoes weigh between 6.5 and 13 ounces. According to Nelya Lobkova, DPM, a podiatrist in New York City, a shoe is classified as lightweight if it is less than 8 ounces.

Does weight matter for running shoes?

Yes, but it depends on your weight, your running biomechanics, and the distance to be covered. A racing flat weighs around 180-230 grams, whereas a heavy stability shoe can be more than 300 grams.

How often should you replace your running shoes?

There’s no single answer as there are so many variables to consider. It would be best to consider shoe type, running surface, cushioning, weight, and shoe materials. However, most shoe manufacturers suggest replacement after every 300-500 miles.

Which running shoes are recommended for larger women with overpronation?

For those with overpronation, running shoes like the Brooks Adrenaline GTS or the ASICS Gel-Kayano are excellent choices. These shoes offer stability features to help correct the inward rolling of the foot, promoting a more balanced and efficient stride.

Are there lightweight yet supportive running shoe options for overweight women?

Certainly, shoes like the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 strike a balance between being lightweight and supportive. They provide ample cushioning while utilizing modern materials to reduce the overall weight, enhancing comfort during runs for overweight women.

Conclusion – Best Running Shoes For Overweight Women

In summary, there are many excellent running shoes for overweight women. According to reviews, some of the best running shoes for overweight women include Clifton 8 by Hoka, Brooks Ravenna 9, Asics Kayano Lite 2, Altra Paradigm, Adidas Solar Glide 4 ST, and Brooks Glycerin 19. 

Where To Buy The Best Running Shoes For Overweight Women

Are you motivated and ready to buy your new running shoes? Here’s where to find the shoes listed in this article:

Finding the right shoes to fit your body makes all the difference in your running career. You’ll have fewer injuries, greater enjoyment of your workouts, and better fitness results!  

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