Asics Gel Venture 8 Review

If you’re scanning the horizon for a trail shoe that can also put in some road miles, Asics Gel Venture 8 deserves your attention. This isn’t just another iteration with a spec bump; it’s a shoe designed for trail enthusiasts who occasionally venture onto asphalt. With GEL cushioning and a durable AHAR outsole, the Gel Venture 8 aims to be a workhorse for mixed terrain running.

But specs alone don’t make a great shoe. The real question is how it performs when subjected to the rigors of trails and the occasional road section. Can it hold its own against known trail champions like the Salomon Speedcross or the Nike Terra Kiger? Is it worthy of a spot in your running rotation?

We’re about to delve deep into the Asics Gel Venture 8 review, exploring its construction, performance, and value proposition. No fluff, just a thorough examination to help you decide if it’s the right investment for you.

Ready? Let’s get into it.

Asics Gel Venture 8 Review

Asics Gel Venture 8 Full Review

First Impressions & Feel of the Asics Gel Venture 8

The moment you slip into the Asics Gel Venture 8, you’ll realize this isn’t a shoe that’s all talk and no action. It’s designed for those who want performance without compromising comfort. Right off the bat, the toe box feels accommodating—offering enough room for natural toe splay, especially for heel and midfoot strikers. And let’s talk cushioning; it’s the kind that’s built for resilience, offering a responsive feel that suggests long-term durability.

The heel counter? It’s snug without feeling like a foot prison, offering a sense of stability that doesn’t skimp on comfort. You won’t find any flashy designs or eye-popping colors here; this shoe is all about getting the job done.

But let’s not jump the gun. While the Asics Gel Venture 8 makes a compelling first impression, it’s the trail and occasional road performance that will make or break this shoe. So, are you ready to find out if this shoe can walk (or run) the talk? Keep reading.


  • GEL Cushioning: The rearfoot GEL cushioning is more than a fancy name; it absorbs shock effectively, sparing your joints and propelling you forward. Think of it as your heel’s personal shock absorber.
  • AHAR Outsole: AHAR—Asics High Abrasion Rubber—isn’t a gimmick. Engineered for durability and grip, it performs admirably on diverse surfaces, from gravel to wet roads.
  • Ortholite Sockliner: This sockliner is all about moisture management. It wicks sweat and adds a bit of cushion, making the shoe more comfortable over the long haul.
  • Multi-Terrain Traction: With reversed lugs on the outsole, this shoe is ready for trails as well as roads, offering reliable traction on both uphill and downhill segments.
  • Roomy Toe Box: The toe box offers sufficient room without being overly spacious, allowing natural toe splay—especially crucial on long runs where foot swelling is a factor.


  • Responsive GEL Cushioning: Excellent shock absorption that still keeps you connected to the ground.
  • AHAR Outsole: Solid traction and durability across different terrains.
  • Ortholite Sockliner: Moisture management on point.
  • Versatile: Road and trail? No problem.
  • Roomy Toe Box: Comfort and natural toe splay on long runs.
  • Price Point: Good value for the money.


  • Heavier Build: May not be the go-to for speedsters.
  • Limited Breathability: Could use more airflow.

Who Is This Shoe For?

  • Neutral Striders: If you don’t overpronate or supinate, the Gel Venture 8 is designed with your natural stride in mind.
  • Versatile Runners: Whether you’re a road warrior or a trail blazer, this shoe has you covered.
  • Durability Fans: The AHAR outsole is all about long-lasting performance.
  • Long-Distance Devotees: The GEL cushioning and roomy toe box are geared for those marathon sessions.
  • Budget Shoppers: Quality doesn’t have to break the bank, and this shoe proves it.

Who Is This Shoe NOT For?

  • Speed Chasers: The somewhat heavier build won’t do you any favors in a sprint.
  • Heatwave Runners: Breathability could be better, making it less ideal for extremely hot conditions.
  • Overpronators: If you need specialized support for overpronation, this might not be your best bet.
  • Ground-Feel Seekers: While cushioned, this shoe doesn’t offer a ton of ground sensation.
Asics Gel Venture 8 Review

Upper Design of the Asics Gel Venture 8

The upper of the Gel Venture 8 isn’t trying to win any fashion awards, but what it lacks in flair, it makes up for in function. Made primarily of synthetic mesh, the upper aims for a balance between durability and breathability.

Material: The synthetic mesh material is designed to withstand the rigors of both trail and road running. It’s sturdy but not overly rigid, giving your foot some breathing room without feeling flimsy. It’s not the most breathable mesh I’ve seen, but it does the job reasonably well.

Fit & Lockdown: The shoe offers a standard lace-up closure that provides a secure, locked-in feel. You’re not going to experience any heel slippage here. The tongue is moderately padded, enough to prevent any lace bite but not so much that it feels bulky.

Reinforcements: The shoe features some minimal overlays around the midfoot and toe box for added structure. It’s not a full-on exoskeleton, but these overlays do a decent job of keeping your foot secure without adding unnecessary weight.

Aesthetic: In terms of looks, it’s a fairly understated design. No flashy logos or neon colors screaming for attention. This shoe knows its job and sticks to it.

In a nutshell, the upper design of the Asics Gel Venture 8 is focused on functionality. It’s built to hold up under various conditions while offering a secure and comfortable fit.

Breathability of the Asics Gel Venture 8

When you’re out on the trails, especially during those scorching summer hikes, the last thing you want is your feet feeling like they’re trapped in a sauna. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just starting to explore the world of trail running, you’ll appreciate how the Gel Venture 8 keeps your feet cool and comfortable even during the most demanding outdoor adventures.

One of the standout features contributing to the impressive breathability of these shoes is the well-designed upper mesh. ASICS has utilized a high-quality mesh material that allows for optimal air circulation while effectively wicking away moisture. This means your feet stay dry and sweat-free, minimizing the risk of discomfort and blisters that often plague outdoor enthusiasts. Plus, the mesh upper is not just functional; it’s also lightweight, ensuring that you can keep up the pace without feeling weighed down.

Midsole Design of the Asics Gel Venture 8

When you flip the Asics Gel Venture 8 and take a look at the midsole, you’re looking at the engine room of this shoe. This is where that touted GEL cushioning sets up shop.

GEL Cushioning: The GEL cushioning is located in the rearfoot area, and it’s designed to absorb shock and ease the impact on your joints. It’s not too plush to make you feel disconnected from the ground, but it’s enough to make each landing softer on your legs. If you’re pounding out those long miles, this feature is your best friend.

EVA Foam: The rest of the midsole is comprised of standard EVA foam. It’s not groundbreaking tech, but it does offer a good balance of cushioning and durability. It complements the GEL cushioning well, providing a ride that’s comfortable yet still responsive.

Flexibility: Don’t expect a super-flexible midsole here; the shoe leans more towards stability. That said, it’s not rigid to the point of being uncomfortable. It offers just enough flex to allow for a natural foot movement.

Weight: The midsole does add a bit to the overall weight of the shoe. It’s not a featherweight racing flat, but it’s also not a brick. For the level of cushioning and support it offers, the weight feels justified.

In summary, the midsole of the Asics Gel Venture 8 is built for comfort and long-lasting performance. It’s not trying to reinvent the wheel — it’s just making sure those wheels roll smoothly over various terrains for miles on end.

Outsole Design of the Asics Gel Venture 8

The Asics Gel Venture 8 comes armed with an AHAR outsole, and no, that’s not just a collection of random letters. AHAR stands for Asics High Abrasion Rubber, and it’s the star of the show when it comes to the outsole.

Material & Construction: The AHAR rubber is strategically placed in high-wear areas to resist abrasion. It’s rugged but not clunky, providing durability without compromising too much on flexibility.

Traction: When it comes to grip, this outsole is a performer. The reversed lugs offer solid traction on a variety of surfaces, from loose gravel to wet asphalt. It’s not a mountain goat, but it’s certainly not a slouch.

Versatility: One of the standout features is the outsole’s versatility. Whether you’re logging miles on city streets or venturing off the beaten path, this shoe has the traction to keep you grounded.

Durability: After putting this shoe through its paces, it’s evident that the AHAR outsole isn’t just marketing hype. It holds up well against wear and tear, making it a reliable choice for high-mileage runners.

In a nutshell, the outsole of the Asics Gel Venture 8 is designed to offer a balance of durability, traction, and versatility. It does its job admirably, ensuring that you have a stable and reliable platform underfoot.

Asics Gel Venture 8 Review


The men’s version of the Asics Gel Venture 8 tips the scale at about 10.4 oz (295g), while the women’s model comes in a bit lighter. Compared to some other popular models like the Salomon Speedcross or the Nike Terra Kiger, it’s in the same ballpark.

Stack Height

Alright, let’s talk numbers. The heel stack height in this shoe is a whopping 34.2 mm, and the forefoot isn’t too shabby either at 21 mm. It’s clearly designed with heel strikers in mind, given the significant heel-to-toe drop of 13.2 mm.

Now, if you’re a forefoot striker, once you deduct the outsole and insole, you’re left with a not-so-exciting amount of foam. But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom. The generous heel stack makes it a comfy ride for the majority of runners out there, especially beginners hitting the trails for the first time.

Heel-to-Toe Drop

A 13.2-mm heel-to-toe drop might have the purists raising an eyebrow, but listen up. This design choice makes the shoe a solid pick for heel and midfoot strikers. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a feature that aligns well with the shoe’s overall design philosophy.

As a forefoot striker myself, this shoe is a hard pass. The heel-to-toe drop of 13.2 mm and the meager forefoot cushioning just don’t jive with my running style. If you’re like me, always looking for that plush forefoot cushioning and a more balanced heel-to-toe drop, then you might want to set your sights elsewhere. Trust me, this shoe won’t be doing any favors for your running form if you’re a forefoot striker.


Heel Counter: The heel counter in this shoe offers a good balance between stiffness and comfort. It’s stiff enough to provide stability, especially for heel strikers, but it’s not so rigid that it feels like a straightjacket for your heel.

Midsole Width: The width of the midsole is pretty standard, providing a decent platform for your feet. However, the heel area could be a bit wider for those who want an extra sense of stability. In simpler terms, it’s not a tightrope, but it’s not a runway either.

Lateral Stability: For a shoe that’s not specifically marketed as a “stability shoe,” it does a surprisingly good job. This makes it a viable option for those who need a bit of extra support but don’t want to go all out on a specialized stability shoe.

Torsional Rigidity: The shoe offers a moderate level of torsional rigidity, which is a fancy way of saying it has the right amount of twist. This is what you want in a trail shoe: it’s got to be flexible enough to adapt to uneven terrain but rigid enough to offer protection.

Personal Take: Here’s the deal — if you’re someone who needs specialized support features like heavy-duty arch support or an ultra-stable midfoot, this might not be the shoe for you. It’s a solid all-rounder but doesn’t excel in any one area of support.

For more on stability shoes, click here.

Asics Gel Venture 8 Review

FAQs about the Asics Gel Venture 8

Is the Asics Gel Venture 8 good for beginners?

Absolutely, especially if you’re a heel or midfoot striker. With its budget-friendly price tag and a balanced set of features, the Asics Gel Venture 8 is an excellent entry point for those new to running or trail adventures. However, if you’re a forefoot striker like me, you might want to consider something like the Nike Terra Kiger or the Altra Lone Peak, which offer a more balanced heel-to-toe drop.

How does the Asics Gel Venture 8 perform on trails vs. roads?

This shoe is a versatile beast. While it’s tailored more towards trail running with its durable outsole and moderate support features, it’s not going to throw a fit if you hit the pavement. But if you’re an ultra-marathoner, you might find the Hoka One One Speedgoat to be more up your alley. For road-racing speedsters, the Adidas Adizero Boston could be your ticket to a new PR.

Is it true that the Asics Gel Venture 8 has limited breathability?

Well, it’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s not its strongest suit either. The shoe offers decent breathability but might not be the best choice for extremely hot conditions. If you’re running through a sauna (or just a really hot day), you might want to consider the Asics FujiSpeed. I got this shoe for my husband, and I can tell you, it’s a game-changer. It’s lightweight, has a half plate for that extra snap, and the synthetic upper is so breathable you can literally see right through it.

Final thoughts on the Asics Gel Venture 8 Review

So, where does this leave us with the Asics Gel Venture 8? If you’re a heel or midfoot striker, a beginner, or someone looking for a solid, budget-friendly option that can handle trails and occasional road runs, this shoe is a strong contender. It’s not going to win any awards for revolutionary design or groundbreaking technology, but it doesn’t need to. What it offers is a reliable, versatile performance at a price point that won’t make you or your wallet cry.

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