Nike Air Max Motion 2 Review

The Nike Air Max Motion 2 forms part of the Air Max range, with this specific model being inspired by the Air Max 270. This shoe is intended as an everyday trainer, but do we agree that it can handle the task?

Here’s a closer look at the Nike Air Max Motion 2 review.

As usual, we did all the legwork for you, investigating and reading through hours’ worth of user reviews so you don’t have to. Our sole aim is to help you make an informed decision.


EVA foam midsole   
U-shaped Air Max heel unit    
Breathable mesh upper    
TPU heel pull tab    
Waffle patterned outsole with rubber across the heel

LightweightNot suitable for longer distances
Breathable upperPoor quality control
Stylish look
Many colorways available
nike air max motion 2 review


The upper is made of a stretchy, no-sew lightweight mesh. Users find it extremely comfortable and really like the color combinations. Unfortunately, we found the colors are not always true to the image, which led us to believe that there are some issues with quality control.

There are also users that reported that the shoes are really poorly made and tore quickly, while other users are ecstatic with their purchase, once again pointing to poor quality control.

The heel is padded, and it features a thin tongue, with the TPU heel tab helping you to slip them on quickly.


The midsole is made of an EVA foam that offers a fair amount of cushioning for shorter runs and longer walks. The additional cushion comes from the U-shaped Air Max heel unit.


Rubber on the high abrasion area on the heel provides some extra durability, while the waffle patterned outsole provides good traction both indoors and outdoors.

Who Is This Shoe For?

This shoe is perfect if you have reasonably problem-free feet and need something that can handle all-day walking or standing.

You might also consider this shoe if you’re considering running but haven’t decided whether the sport is actually for you. If it turns out running is not for you, at least you’ll have a cool-looking shoe to match your sporty type outfits.

The Air Max Motion also works well for gym workouts.

If you’re a Nike fan and are looking for a cool-looking shoe but don’t want to spend a fortune, this shoe will make you happy.

Who Is This Shoe Not For?

This shoe is not for anyone serious about running or performance. Just don’t do it. I couldn’t find any serious runner willing to do any kind of distance in this shoe. I’m not saying there aren’t any, but I sure couldn’t find them, and trust me, I looked.

A better option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly running shoe, is to consider last season’s models. You can pick up really high-quality shoes for fantastic prices that way.

With so many shoes to choose from, manufacturers really can’t afford to almost get it right. Either you get it right, or you pay the price and the competition is smiling. So allow me to introduce you to the competition that is smiling in this case.

Budget Friendly Alternatives

Asics Gel Contend 7

It’s hard, if not impossible, to beat the Asics Gel Contend 7 for sheer value for money. This is not a performance shoe, but it does surprisingly well with short to medium-length runs. This shoe is ideal for beginner runners or experienced runners looking for a more affordable option to add to their rotation.

The heel features Asics’ GEL technology, which is great for shock absorption. An AMPLIFOAM midsole offers soft cushioning as well as support, making it suitable for neutral runners and those who supinate. The OrthoLite sock liner contributes to comfort and moisture control.

Are there better shoes out there? Sure, but not at this price. The Asics Gel Contend is not the lightest shoe either, but at 268g (Men) & 223g (Women) they come close enough, in my opinion. The 10mm drop makes it suitable for heel and forefoot strikers.

Asics have added flex grooves to the outsole to help with flexibility and easy transitioning. They’ve also added Guidance Line technology that corrects supination (outward roll of your foot in landing). The Guidance line also comes into play as you fatigue in a run, just gently correcting your gait.

The durable rubber outsole is unfortunately not without flaws as it squeaks. It is definitely noticeable, and it stays noisy.

It is so worth buying this shoe. As a lightweight, budget daily trainer, it’s a killer deal. The only reason to avoid this shoe would be if you pronate (ankle roll in while landing), as it is only suitable for neutral runners and those who supinate.

Super affordableNoisy outsole
LightweightLaces come undone and need a double knot
Breathable upperOverlay on toe can rub on longer runs, go half size up
Guidance line technology
Very comfortable
Durable outsole
Doesn’t look like a budget shoe
Roomy toe box

Mizuno Wave Rider 24

The Mizuno Wave Rider is one of those shoes where it’s worth looking at an older model to make it budget-friendly.

The upper is engineered Air Mesh. The inner mesh is fairly dense, with a fair amount of slits in the outer layer to help with breathability. It has minimal overlays but still manages a supportive, snug fit.

The heel collar is soft and comfortable and the toe box is wide enough for some toe-splay.

The ENERZY foam in the midsole’s heel provides a soft but bouncy landing, while the wave plate propels you on to the U4ic foam forefoot for a smooth transition. The Wave Rider 24 gives you cushioning that is firm and responsive enough that it performs well at faster paces with a nice snappy toe-off.

Mizuno uses two types of rubber in the outsole. The heel comprises carbon rubber for durability and a softer blown runner in the forefoot helps with cushioning.

It weighs 9.6 oz. (272 g) for a US M9 / 8.2 oz. (232.5 g) for a US W8. The 12mm drop, as well as the structure of the dual-density midsole, makes this shoe more suitable for heel strikers. It’s a neutral everyday trainer that will also work for those who supinate.

Attractive looking shoeNot ideal for mid-foot or forefoot strikers
Responsive ride for heel strikers
Snappy toe off
Roomy toe box
Durable outsole

Adidas Adizero Adios 6

Even though the Adidas Adizero Adios 6 is rated as a 5k-10k racer, it performs well as a lightweight trainer. It’s definitely better suited to tempos or interval runs and shorter races.

The thin upper is made from high-performance, recycled material called Primegreen. It is a slightly transparent mesh that allows for good airflow while hugging your foot like a glove. The tongue is thin and gusseted and the lack of padding could cause some rubbing.

The midsole is made up of two different types of foam. These would be Lightstrike and Lightstrike Pro.

Lightstrike is specifically designed for speed work, a lightweight EVA foam midsole aimed at a balance between responsiveness and cushioning.

Lightstrike Pro is a little more like Nike’s ZoomX foam. It is soft but full of bounce and provides better responsiveness than the Adidas Boost technology. This Lightstrike Pro foam is also featured in the Adios Pro 1, Adios Pro 2, and the Adidas Prime X.

It’s this Lightstrike Pro placed in the midfoot that makes the shoe a real treat for forefoot strikers. This foam just seems to come alive at faster speeds.

The outsole is made of Continental Rubber like Adidas’ other shoes. The rubber is strategically placed on higher impact areas and assures the type of grip you need and expect from a speed/racing shoe.

It comes in at around 8.6oz (243g) Men’s / 7.8oz (221g) Women’s with an 8mm drop further tipping the scales in favor of forefoot strikers.

Very lightweightSome reports of rubbing on feet with high bridges
Light breathable upperNot ideal for high-volume training
Responsive rideNot ideal for heel strikers
Continental outsole for durability and grip

Nike Air Zoom Winflo 8

We’ve added the Nike Air Zoom Winflo for those die-hard Nike fans that simply can’t be satisfied with anything other than a Nike and also because the Winflo is easily the best Nike budget running shoe.

The Winflo has the looks and appeal that Nike fans are used to and works well as a neutral everyday trainer for short to medium distances.

The upper is a double-layer translucent mesh that oozes all the style that Nike is known for. It’s comfortable and somewhat breathable. It features Flywire around the mid-foot on both the inside and outside of the shoe, adding support and a snug fit without adding weight.

The flat laces need double knots to stay tied and they could be a little longer.

The midsole consists of a full-length Zoom Air unit encased in Cushlon foam. The running experience is unlikely to wow you, but it does its job reasonably well. My daughter is on her 3rd pair of Winflos and she uses them for 5-10k runs, with some tempo runs and fartlek added into the mix. Her old ones get retired to gym workouts. She complains they don’t do well on anything further than a 10k.

Durable rubber covers the outsole for great grip on all surfaces.

They are on the heavier side around 250g to 300g with a heel drop of 10mm, making them equally suitable for heel and mid-foot strikers.

AffordableA little heavier than the competition
DurableNot suitable for long distances
Reasonably versatileRuns narrow, not good for wide feet
Good traction

FAQ – Nike Air Max Motion 2 Review

Is it worth buying a budget shoe?

It depends on the shoe. If you find a shoe at a good price that does its job well, it’s absolutely worth it. Any of the above shoes from the Asics GEL Contend to the Nike Winflo will be worth it.

Be careful not to buy just any budget shoe though, because a budget shoe that you can’t run with, isn’t a bargain anymore.

Can I do high mileage in a budget shoe?

Of the above mentioned shoes, I would only consider the Asics GEL Contend and the Mizuno Wave Rider for doing higher mileage. You don’t necessarily need a very cushioned shoe to do longer distances, but you have to have a quality shoe that will hold up over the miles without causing injuries. In both these shoes you have that.

Another alternative is to look at the older models of the more cushioned shoes like the Asics Nimbus, which can be picked up for half the price of the new models.

Which one of these are support shoes?

These shoes are all neutral trainers, but the Asics GEL Content and the Mizuno Wave Ride are also suitable for supinators.

If you pronate, however, you should rather consider an older model of either the Asics GEL Kayano or the Asics GT2000 which is specifically designed for pronators.

Final Thoughts on the Nike Air Max Motion 2 Review

If you like the style and are looking for a shoe for long days on your feet, the Nike Air Max Motion 2 won’t disappoint. The same goes if you’re looking for a shoe for your gym workouts with maybe a bit of running mixed into it.

Make sure you buy from a reputable seller like Amazon, where you know you can send it back if you happen to get one of those pairs that skipped through the quality controls.

If you’re looking for a budget shoe for running, I would give serious consideration to the Asics GEL Contend as an everyday workhorse or the Adidas Adizero Adios as a speed shoe for forefoot strikers. For heel strikers, the Mizuno Wave Rider or Nike Winflo are both reasonably versatile options.

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